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Time for a humble reunion

In a world of modern civilization, we are now living in era where much of the artificial environment is found in current modern lifestyle

Traditionla culture demonstrates deep understanding of the psychological properties of the sun, earth, water, and fire through its materials, light,space, food, drinks, and people

Beyond restaurants, working spaces, and buildings, our modern culture at large seems to drift towards a distancing, a kind of chilling, de-sensualize and de-eroticize of human relation to reality.

‘Payon’, taken from sanscripts means a roof for shelter, rest, and food. Inspired, by the simple life of a village, payon is where tradition, passion, and hospitality emerged.

With a unique combination of authentic indonesian home cooking recipes, and the warmth of Indonesian hospitality, ‘PAYON CATERING’ is here to serve and celebrate your senses


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banjar Tegal kepuh – kaba kaba

Payon Catering

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